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Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny - 12ct

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Solid milk chocolate Easter bunny family is ready to post up in your Easter baskets right away! It's only temporary though. They'll relocate to your belly soon enough! Creamy milk chocolate bunnies are the kings of Easter candy. more info

4 1/2-inch Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny: 12ct
4 1/2-inch Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny: 12ct

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Best chocolate you will ever eat!

A few Easters ago I ordered Madelines Chocolate Bunnies for my kids Easter baskets and one by one I ate every bunny. The worst part of it was it was , it was before easter!! I tried to order more and they were out of the size I had ordered. Thanfully they had another size bigger and better. I had to leave the box taped shut, so I wouldn't do it again!

The flavor is perfect. It is smooth and melts in your mouth. You will savor every bite.
Nothing. It's great.
5/5 Stars
St. Louis, MO
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

Approximately 12 bunnies per set

4 1/2-inch Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny from Madelaine Chocolate Novelties. 2.5-oz bunnies

Price per bunny = $

SKU: e197

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