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Bulk Almonds

Almonds are one of the most popular bulk nuts people buy. Jordan almonds and chocolate covered almonds are great candied almond items for weddings and events or for personal consumption. Everyone loves the combination of crunch and sweetness of bulk almonds.

More Almonds

An almond, by definition, isn't what you think it is. The word Almond is actually the name of the plant that the nuts we eat grow on. Almond plants have a fruit called a drupe. The drupe has an outer hull with a hard shel underneath. Inside that is the seed, which we call the nut or "almond". So when you're eating one of your favorite bulk almond candies, you're actually eating an almond seed. Get ready for Jeopardy!

Almonds are used for more than candy. Thouh jordan almonds and chocolate almonds are very popular, almonds themsleves are sold raw, shelled, unshelled, blanched, salted, unsalted, roasted, cocoa almonds, almond bark and as almond butter. That's almost as many types as Bubba's shrimp! But when it comes to sweetness and attractiveness, nothing beats good ol' bulk almond candy.


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