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Apple Candy

Red or green, these fruits have yummy-ness throughout. Apple is one of the most popular flavors for bulk candy. They are happy and tasty fruits whose sweet and sour variations make for wonderful flavors in candy and other foods. Cider, wine, pie, pork, apples have many applications, but yummy sweets are our favorite. Try some yummy red or granny smith flavored bulk candy today!

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Apple Candy

The Many Uses of Apples

Believe it or not, apples are used for more than just flavoring bulk candy. They have a ton of uses!

Firstly, they can be canned or juiced. For the juice, the fruit has to be milled. The juice can also be fermented to make non-alcoholic cider, alcoholic "hard cider," ciderkin, and vinegar. Once distilled it can be made into other alcoholic beverages like applejack (apparently not just a cereal!), Calvados, and apple-wine (yummy!). Another popular candy ingredient, called Pectin, can also be made.

On to sweeter things, these supple fruits are an important part of many dessert dishes. Pies, crumbles, crisps and cakes, to name just a few. Jewish people sometimes eat them with honey to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. They also produce apple butter, a Southern favorite, and jelly. They are also used (cooked) in meat dishes, most notably pork. In the UK, instead of caramel, they use toffee to coat these lovely round morsels and make what they call"toffee apples."

Did you know? Why do sliced apples turn brown?

Exposure to air causes a conversion of natural phenolic substances into melanin (a brown substance) upon exposure to oxygen. Different types vary in their propensity to turn brown once sliced. Like other sliced fruits, they can be treated with acidulated water to prevent this browning.

In our obsession with organic foods, the United States produced the majority of organic apples. While China blows us away in total production, producing 6 times as many of the non-organic version. Orchards in Europe have had trouble producing organic ones, but have found some success with certain hearty versions of the fruit and strict cultivation standards.

There are many orchards open to the public. Take your family sometime and pick some yummy apples!

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