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Banana Candy

Banana bulk candy is bold and beautiful and delicious. These friendly supermarket fruits are known for their smooth fruity flavor and their lovely yellow color. Banana is a popular flavor for candies like salt water taffy and hard candies, like the ones found in Runts. Mixed with it's best friend, the strawberry, it creates a deadly combination of smooth and sweet fruity flavors that is absolutely irresistible.

"Thank you for the beautiful pink candy! It was perfect for my daughter's baby shower. Great customer service! I will buy from you always!"

Ann Fuller
(Richmond, VA)
Banana Candy

The Secrets of Bananas Revealed!

Bananas may seem a ho-hum, everyday standard fruit, but they have secrets that not many of us Americans know about. Bananas can be eaten raw, as many of us do, but some varieties should probably be cooked. Their flesh varies in taste from sweet to starchy, and in texture from firm to mushy. Green bananas and plantains are used as an ingredient in lots of food you probably didn't even realize, mainly curries and stews. In more tropical places, they are the staple starch in people's diets. Bananas don't travel well either. Ripe dessert bananas are very easily damaged in transport and have a high rate of damage and loss. That's why they're usually shipped while still green. The commercial dessert breeds, the ones we eat from the grocery store, are most commonly eaten in temperate countries, like ours. Since they are imported from the tropics, being a non-seasonal crop, they are available fresh year-round. That's probably why they are so popular here. Exported bananas are picked long before they are ripe. Still very green, they are shipped off off their foreign destination and ripened in special "ripening rooms" when they arrive. These ripening rooms are air-tight and filled with ethylene gas to induce ripening. Scary, huh? It is possible to order bananas "ungassed", however, and these may show up at the supermarket still fully green. The down side of ungassed bananas is they take longer to ripen. The upside is flavor will be significantly richer. Also, the peel can be allowed to reach a yellow/brown speckled phase, and yet retain a firm flesh inside, stead of getting all mushy the day after you buy them! Here's the big revelation. The vivid yellow color normally associated with bananas is, in fact, not their true color. It is a side-effect of the artificial ripening process! Gasp! Normal super market bananas allowed to ripen naturally on the plant have a more greenish-yellow appearance which changes to a brownish-yellow as they ripen further. Both the flavor and texture of "tree ripened" bananas is superior to the ones that are picked green. The problem is, after allowing them to ripen on the tree, the shelf life is typically only 7"10 days. It's pretty tough to ship them to Minnesota from Central America and have them in Safeway in time. More trivia! Adhesive can be made from banana sap! it's really sticky! Source: Wikipedia -> Banana