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Black Foil Chocolate Candy

Black foiled chocolate candies look great any where they go. Pair them up with white or gold and you have a formal candy display. Match them with orange for a Halloween party or red for a Valentine's Day bash. There are many ways to display and enjoy these black candy treats, but the best way is just to eat them.

More Chocolate by Color

Making it easy to navigate the largest online candy store is a big part of our job. Because we have so many different types of bulk candy we need to break them down into easy categories. So if you are looking for a specific type and shape and color you do not have to sift through all the other types that you do not need. This page for example was specifically created for people who need black chocolate candy.

Formal occasions often choose the color black and these foil wrapped chocolates are perfect because they usually have a matte finish to them depending on the specific item. That gives them a little touch of class. This color goes great with its arch rival white and also looks amazing when paired with silver and gold. Whether you need black chocolate balls or hearts either one will look good and taste great.


"Been looking for that candy for years. You all had it. Thank you."

Marlene M
(Chicago, IL)