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Black Jelly Beans

Black jelly beans are one of the original colors of this classic candy. People either love them or hate them, but yo cannot deny there are strong feelings all around for a reason, these bulk black jelly beans will knock your socks off.

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Black jely beans pretty much means licorice jelly beans. If you don't like licorice, chances are you are not a fan of the black jelly beans. People are known to pick out the black ones from bulk jelly bean mixes. They either eat them first or give them away immediately. Black can be a great color for bulk candy buffet tables. Paired with pink or orange, it can make the decor a little funky, when paired with white, it classes the place up a bit. Try some black colored jelly beans at wholesale today.


"My sister loves the black ones, I've been giving her my black ones for years. Now I just buy them for her in bulk! Thanks for the great customer service."

Monica McDougal
(Helena, MT)