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Black Licorice Bears - Sugar Free - 2.2lb

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Candy gets a bad rap a lot of the time, because people are worried about sugar. Meet these delicious and sugar free black licorice gummy bears. Bears are a very attractive animal, kids love them and so do adults and edible bears are the absolute best kind of all. Much like the real bear roams through the wild. The Black Licorice Sugar Free Bears are going to be roving to and fro throughout the wilderness of your mind. Their taste is haunting and it is virtually impossible for any person to eat only one of these licorice treats, because they are so delicious. These treats are coming to you all the way from Holland, leave it to the Dutch to take licorice and turn it into something irresistible and undeniably delicious. These candies can be bought in bulk so that you will never have to worry about going bear free. The sugar free tasty goodness of the licorice bear can be yours all day long! more info

Black Licorice Bears - Sugar Free - 2.2lbs
Black Licorice Bears - Sugar Free - 2.2lbs

Customer Reviews

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Can't tell the difference

I bought these to try and I can't tell the difference between black licorice with sugar, or these. I found them the bears to be a little bit hard, but other than that, they are great!

Same taste
Texture is somewhat hard
5/5 Stars
Ashburnham, MA
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

2.2lbs. Bulk candy. Unwrapped. Sugar Free Black Licorice Bears. From Gerrit Verberg. Sweetened with Maltitol (not aspartame). Imported from Holland.

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SKU: acsc105436

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