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Blue Salt Water Taffy

Blue is a great color for taffy and there are some really good flavors you can find in this color. Blueberry is a great one, with white stripes on the side of each piece. Raspberry is another great one which is very similar to the blueberry except the white stripes are replaced by darker blue ones. Choose from our great selection here.

Barbie's Wedding Candy

More Taffy by Color

It is getting more and more difficult to find what you need online these days. Sometimes more options is just more. If you are trying to find some blue candy and you know you like taffy you may have to sort through hundreds of pages to find out what all the options are. We created this page as a dedicated place for blue salt water taffy and no other color.

As stated above Blueberry and raspberry are the main most popular flavors in this family of taffy. If you are creating a color coordinated candy table you may want to pair these up with other colors too. White is always a great option for combining with any other color because it compliments every other color. Silver and gold candy also go well with blue. So whether you are planning a baby shower or a bar mitzvah using some bulk blue taffy will really put a smile on everyone's face.


"The salt water taffy is the best I have ever eaten. It is so fresh and tasty. I would recommend it to anyone."

Martha Simmons
(Sandusky, OH)