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Blue Candy Buffet

Blue Candy Buffets

Creating the perfect blue candy buffet table takes the right mix of the right candy. There are lots of factors involved, but the great thing about candy is that everyone will love it no matter how you do it.

Above and beyod the details given below, we would only recommend that you choose a nice variety of candy types so that guests with allergies or preferences for or against sour candy will be accommodated.

Congratulations! Have an amazing wedding!


Most candy buffet brides like to match the color theme of their wedding. Bridesmaid dresses, flowers, dinner table settings and the layout of your reception will all play a role in the color you choose. Matching the color scheme will keep everything involved in one fluid desgin concept. This helps create a cohesive environment for your guests and makes everything just feel right. Blue was found to be in the top two for wedding color schemes in Spring of 2010, so it's a good thing there are lots of blue colored candies to choose from.

Landscape Design

You'll want to create a payout that engages people form across the room. Just having bowls full of candy with some scoops does not take full advantage of the different colors and textures of candy. The versatility of candy can make for a beautiful candy landscape if you do put some thought into the layout.

Clear glass vases of diferent shapes and sizes show off candy well and can create some much needed height to your display. Try mixing layers of different shades of blue candy to create a fun effect. To gain even more height, you might try finding a small boxes to sit the candy containers on. Wrapping them in white or blue wrapping paper can help the candy buffet blossom into an even more celebratory landmark.

Location, location, location

Where will you put the candy table? It needs to be somewhere where it can shine as a fun complimnet to your beautiful reception. Don't put it right next to the entrance or exit or it will get lost behind people as they come and go. A better place would be somewhere where it is visible from most anywhere in the venue, without getting in the way. You may also consider any backdrops that might match of clash. One solution could be to have a round table the is free-standing away from the walls.


Creating a cohesive design is important for any event. At weddings, there are often decorative centerpieces on the guests tables. Why not integrate them into the candy bar? You can have one in the center to anchor the candy buffet, or bookend the candy on either end. The uniformity created here will help immensely and will lessen your burden of coming wiht a entirely different and unique candy buffet layout.

Ribbons and bows

You may also want to use blue ribbons and bows around your containers to create a finished look. Be careful, sometimes less is more. These look great in moderation, but don't get carried away. We want to accent the candy, not overtake it!

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