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Brown Salt Water Taffy

Brown offers a lot of choices in the taffy category. Chocolate is a popular flavor and a staple among the traditional flavors. Root beer float has come very far as another popular choice with its white center dot on the side of each piece. Caramel flavors and cherry cola highlight a few other popular selections.

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More Taffy by Color

If you are looking for a color of candy to go well with your party or event theme an often overlooked color is brown. It goes really well with pink and green and is a great way to offset too much white candy without choosing a color that will overpower the white. With all the different flavors of taffy out there we created this page so that you could look specifically at brown salt water taffy.

For a pure brown you cannot get any better than Chocolate flavor. It is a solid color with no stripes and so fits in well with other colors and types of bulk candy. If you need a little more pizazz chocolate chip cookie is a great option as well as gingerbread with its light brown swirl on a darker brown taffy. Which ever option you choose your guests will be happy because it will not only look great but it will taste great too.


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