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Find the candy you need quickly on this easy to use website. Our large selection of candy covers everything you'll need to build a candy buffet, stock your candy store, or load your vending machines. Don't forget to buy yourself a little something too!

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Buying candy in bulk is favorable for many reasons. When buying for an event like a wedding, you can get all the candy you need in one place and have it shipped directly to your venue. Candy is cheap when you buy it in bulk too. Not only do you get more candy for your money, but you save on shipping when you only need to place one order, especially with our flat rate shipping.

This is also true when buying candy for a store or vending business. The economies of scale reached with buying in bulk are advantageous and can help you grow your profits. ACandyStore carries loose and packaged candy in all shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find the candy that you or your clients love.

When buying candy for an event, be sure to place your order in advance. Many people often under estimate the quantity of candy they order because the bulk sizes are not familiar to most. We recommend placing your order at least a month in advance so that you can receive the candy and have plenty of time to judge for yourself whether you will need to place another order.

Bulk Candy

"Those truffles you sent me were to die for! And your customer service couldn't be nicer! Can I come work for you? Haha! Thank you so much."

Ruth Gregory
(Seven Springs, IN)
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The candy we ordered arrived so fast! Everything was fresh and packed well, and we will definitely order from you again! Thanks you!! - Jenny B.
Our family loves these! The candy was very fresh and your shipping rates were the best of any other store I contacted. - Bob D.

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These are some of our most popular bulk candies.

Quality Bulk Candy at Wholesale Prices

With all this great wholesale candy, it can be difficult to choose. There are so many different types of online candy in bulk. So, how do you know whatís the best candy for your party planning needs? You canít ask each invited guest which type of candy they like best. Theyíll all say something different! You need to take a look at what type of event youíre having and what type of bulk candy would be appropriate. Here are some suggestions.

Wrapped candy is a great category for candy that you will be distributing to kids or loose in gift bags. If youíre planning on putting a big bowl of candy out for your young guests, you can bet their hands will be all over it. To avoid kids picking up each othersí germs, wrapped candy is ideal. In this category, Sunkist Fruit Gems, Salt Water Taffy and Napoleon Sour Bon Bons are the most popular items. Pick some up at great wholesale prices for your kidsí birthday party today! Salt Water Taffy and Jelly Beans are ideal bulk candies for color coordination. Salt water taffy comes in over 60 colors and flavors and the advantage of coming individually wrapped. Jelly Belly jelly beans look beautiful and also come in many many different flavors and colors. Black jelly beans for a formal candy occasion, white jelly beans for wedding candy, green jelly beans for Earth Day candy, and red, white and blue jelly beans for the 4th of July! Whatever your party or event, you can always find the right color candy to go with your color scheme.

There are so many different types of candy available in bulk, we really canít do them all justice here. If you are fond of a certain candy, go with it! Youíll always be happier presenting something to guests that you yourself love. Go with your sweet tooth and you can never go wrong! Pick up some of our quality wholesale candy at discount prices today!