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Bulk Gummy Candy

Gummy bears, worms, rings, and more. Learn about the history of gummy candy below. Gummi candy is a popular and fun candy treat. What makes it really popular, is that it can take on all shapes, sizes and colors...and it's delicious!

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From cute little gold gummi bears like the ones from Haribo to yummy red Swedish Fish, gummi candy comes to life and invigorates imaginations as well as taste buds. Bring these animals together in a yummy gummy eco system, but watch out for the blue gummi killer sharks! Gummi cola bottles, alphabet letters, and fruits like strawberries are also very popular among gummy lovers. Take home some delicious bulk gummy candy today at wholesale prices!

Gummy Candy in bulk. Stock up on all your favorite gummy candies. In our huge selection of gummies, you'll find Haribo, Trolli, Albanese and all the major gummy candy brands. Whether you like gummy worms, rings, clown fish or good old gummy bears, we've got the selection for you. Nothing goes down better with party guests than gummy candy.


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gummi candy

There's So many Types of Bulk Gummy Candy at Wholesale Prices

Gummy bears are the most popular form of gummy candy by far. They are found in all colors and favors and are often misbehaving in fun, arty photos. Gummi bears first came out in Germany in the 1950's. Not the happiest time and place for gummi bears to emerge, but perhaps they joy they brought was much needed by the recently defeated Germans. The company that started gummi bears, Haribo, has grown into a worldwide gummi candy superstar. Pick up your bulk gummy bear army here at wholesale prices.

Jell candy is similar to gummi candy, so we've included it here too. Jell candy usually is not as chewy as gummi candy. It is just as soft and fluffy, but gives when you bite into it, instead of fighting to maintain its original shape. Sunkist Fruit Gems are the most popular form of jell candy. The sunny candy sensation became so popular that Jelly Belly recently bought the rights to produce it! Another popular form of jell candy are Fruit Slices. Fruit slices are different colored wedges of jell candy with fruity flavors to match the vibrant appearance. Their elegant aesthetics make them perfect as wedding candy. Get all the bulk jell candy you'll need here at wholesale prices!