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Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are a popular tradition at weddings. Though they are normally all white, people are spicing things up with solid colors and multi-color pastel jordan almonds as well as black and white "Black Tie" Jordan Almonds. Nutty candies offer a great combination of crunch and sweetness and jordan almonds are no different. Go nuts over these sweet and gorgeous almonds.

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Also known as sugared almonds or confetti, jordan almonds are made by a process called sugar panning. Usually made in white or pastel colors, jordan almonds are popular for display as much as for pleasureable consumption. Very popular as wedding candy favors, they are said to accurately contrast the sweet qualities of love and the bitter qualities of life.

The traditions surroundsing jordan almonds are many. As well as being a traditional wedding candy, many european countries have their own traditions. In fact, the traditions number so many as run so deeply that it is hotly debated where the jordan almond name actually comes from, thouhg most think it originated in Italy. In some countries it's a tradition that the parents of a new baby give their friends and family jordan almonds a s symbol of a new member of the family .


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