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Nuts and seeds are the ultimate candy duo. When you add chocolate to the mix, watch out. Since the early days, peanuts have made candy bars like Baby Ruth and Mr. Goodbar candy classics. Nowadays almonds, pecans and cashews are coming on strong with clusters and candy bars of their own. Jordan Almonds are popular for weddings and other celebrations. Heck, even Snickers now come with almonds! are all the candy rage, don't miss out!

More Nuts

What exactly is a nut? There are many food items that fall under the nut category, actually. The definition of a nut is a little loose. It includes a wide range of dried fruits and seeds, including peanuts, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts and pistchios. Some biologists would say that pistachios and a few other commonly considered nut are not actually nuts in the truest bioloicgal sense. That sounds a little nitpicky to us. If it's got a shell and tastes liek a nut, it's probably a nut.

Lots of animals and plants depend on nuts as a main food source. They contain a lot of energy and are a good source of oil as well. Think of all the squirrels hording acorns. They are also an excellent source of protein. In fact, many people that cut down on the amount of meat they eat, get their proteain from nut based foods like peanut butter and almond butter. But there's nothing better than a candy coated, chocolate covered almond. Eat your heart out squirrels!


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