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Rock Candy Sticks

Rock candy sticks are popular because they're easy to hold, colorful and versatile. Decorate your party or event with gorgeous rock candy on a stick. They come in all colors and look great as a swizzle stick for your cocktails. Bulk rock candy sticks are also used by coffee shops and tea houses. Their customers like to stir their hot drinks with these crystallized sugar sticks.

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Rock candy sticks have been around for a long time, but have recently seen a surge in popularity. The rise in candy buffet bars at weddings and events has played a role in this trend. The jewelry like appearance and availability in a rainbow of colors makes these crystal sugar sticks a big hit for event planners. They look great on tables in display and as part of a larger candy buffet table.

Easy to hold in one hand, rock candy sticks also do well as swizzle sticks for all sorts of drinks. Colorful sticks are used with creative martinis and margaritas and classy white and amber sticks are used quite frequently at coffee shops as a fun way to stir sugar into your drink.


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