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Candy Blox - 11lb

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Sometimes genius is overlooked but when it comes to Candy Blox it is recognized right away. Letís take two things that kids absolutely love, combine them and a lot of money is going to be made. First of all there are blocks. Kids of all ages have loved playing with these objects since the beginning of time. These Candy Blox are shaped like legos and they fit together. Making the blox in candy form is the stroke of genius that makes this candy amazing and wonderful. A child can use their imagination and build a small building or a truck or whatever they want and then eat it when they get tired. That will give them some more energy and they can build something else. These great candies come in an 11 pound package so a child can probably build a skyscraper and then eat that candy monster. How can you go wrong with an edible candy toy? more info

Candy Blox: 11lbs
Candy Blox: 11lbs

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Lego type candy fun and delicious

When I received this block candy I was so excited. I have not been able to find this candy except in expensive bulk candy stores. It looked and tasted exactly like I had hoped it would. I have it displayed in a big jar in my living room. People help themselves when they come in. I will definitely order this again.

1. fun to eat and play with.
2. unusual candy to have.
5/5 Stars
Burke VA
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

11lb. Bulk. Unwrapped. Candy Blox from Concord Confections.

Price per pound = $

SKU: acsc105250

Certified Kosher Candy

This candy is certified kosher by OU
The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations

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