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Caramel Candy

Caramel is the delectably creamy ingredient in so many of the best candies. Soft and meltable, caramel often balances out the crunchiness of nuts in candy.

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Produced by boiling together a variety of sugars caramel confections are the sweetest of the sweet. Caramel is also made as a soft chewy candy, obviously caramel flavored, by boiling milk, sugar, butter, vanilla essence, water and glucose syrup.

This candy is not heated to more than 120C/248F or it would caramelize. The manufacture of caramel resembles the hard candy making process, except that milk and fat are added. Sweetened, condensed, or evaporated milk is usually used.

Melt it down and make candy apples, or each little pure squares. In way you bite it, caramel takes any dessert of confection to a whole new level of yummy. Dreamy light brown color looks great and mixes well with chocolate. Get some caramel in your diet today!


"Thank you for the beautiful pink candy! It was perfect for my daughter's baby shower. Great customer service! I will buy from you always!"

Ann Fuller
(Richmond, VA)
Caramel Candy

Caramel Bulk Candy at Wholesale Prices

The most popular types of caramel bulk candy are Caramel Candy Squares and Chocolate Caramel Squares. Caramels can have a variety of textures, from quite soft to very chewy. They are produced in short textures, implying a caramel that is extra soft, as well as long textures, for a caramel that is wonderfully chewy. It is both the flavor and the favorable texture of the caramel square type candy that most people prefer.

For those who like a slightly firmer texture the Caramel Creams Bulls Eyes are similar in caramel flavor and sweetness to the squares but are just a tad harder and chewier. Caramel candy dates back to the early 1700s. The origin of the word is derived from the candy ingredients and the Latin words cannamellis and cane, respectively meaning honey and sugar cane.