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Rock Candy

Rock candy is the purest form of sugar known to man! It is formed when a highly concentrated sugar solution is boiled and the sucrose molecules crystallize. Added flavor and color makes for a wonderful variety of crystal candy. Rock candy swizzle sticks are great for stirring coffee, tea or cocktails! Or sprinkle some rock candy crystals over your oatmeal in the morning. This versatile rock hard sugar candy can do it all!

More Rock Candy

Rock candy is a favorite type of candy for parties and events because it has such a striking apeparance. Crystalized sugar formations with color added look like naturally formed candy jewelry. It has an exotic quality that makes people feel like it's just come out of a rock candy mine deep underground.

Rock candy swizzle sticks and crystals are great for sweetening drinks as well as decorating with candy buffets. Rock candy strings also look great on display and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Choco Rocks are not really rock candy, but if you're looking for candy that looks like rocks they definitely qualify and then some.


"Great rock candy sticks. They were on display at the tables at our wedding reception adn people couldn't stop playing with them."

Steph Daniels
(Oxford, MS)
Rock Candy