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Cherry Candy

Delicious cherry flavored bulk candy is a sweet and gorgeous addition to any wedding or event. The red color is bold and romantic and the sweet and tarty flavor will perk up any party-goer. Whether you like gummy bears, salt water taffy or bubblegum, we have the cherry-est candies of all! Get some delicious cherry flavored candy for your next party or event!

"Thank you for the beautiful pink candy! It was perfect for my daughter's baby shower. Great customer service! I will buy from you always!"

Ann Fuller
(Richmond, VA)
Cherry Candy

Cherry Fruit Facts

Cherries are extremely versatile fruits. They are a part of many desserts, entrees and appetizers. Soups, salads, breads, and many other dishes work well with these little red jewels. The frozen version is often the best way to buy them for ingredients in a prepared dish.

These yummy red fruits were first cultivated back in the year 8 BC. In Mesopotamia, they called them karshu. Though they grow all over the United States, the sweet variety have proven to be difficult to grow here. The sour variety, on the other hand, are grown in abundance in the East. Large numbers of the sweet type are grown in Washington, which is fitting since it was George Washington who could not tell a lie about cutting down his father's you-know-what tree. But it is Traverse City, Michigan that takes the cake as the Cherry Capital of the World. There are 35,000 acres of the tart varietals trees in that region, so it's understandable why they'd name it that.

This amazing fruit must be handled with great respect and care. They are also very fragile. To find good ones that haven"t been bruised, you should look out for a taut exterior and a bright color. Darker ones might be bruised. Also be sure to get the ones that still have green stems on them. Cherries are extremely perishable. And since they don't ripen after harvest, you can't pick them early like you can pick green bananas. They need to be refrigerated immediately after purchase and then can last for about 2 or 3 days.

They are actually known to relieve arthritis pain in some cases. Some say that eating twenty of the tart versions of these little red fruits in one day is an effective way to fight inflammation. Red cherries also have extremely high levels of melatonin, which works to destroy disease-causing toxins. They are also a great source of fiber and are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium...not to mention they have a ton of vitamin C. Some of these amazing fruits are capable of reducing muscle and back pain. Not only that, but they also have high antioxidant levels which help combat heart disease and cancer. You cannot go wrong with this tangy, sweet and super healthy fruit.

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