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Choco Rocks Candy

Choco Rocks candy rocks are a gorgeous and fun candy that comes in the most precious of all stones: chocolate! Choose from gold, silver, bronze, ruby red and topaz blue as well as emerald green chocolate rocks candy. Choco Rocks candy is popular for fun theme parties and never disappoints.

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Choco Rocks are little chunks of chooclate coated in a thin coat of candy coloring. The random shapes fo the pieces and natural colors used give them the appearance of fun little rocks you can eat. PLus the word chocolate is pretty much a winner no matter how you shape it. Chocolate rocks candy is not technically "rock candy", which is normally considered crystalized sugar, but since it's in the same family of rock shaped candy, we think it deserves to hang out with the popular rock candy crowd too.


"Choco rocks were so much fun. We had a party for our youngest boy and all the kids oved them. Thanks for the fast delivery and pleasant customer service."

Abby Watson
(Cambridge, MA)