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Chocolate Animals

Chocolate animals are wrapped in foil that has been designed to look like your favorite animals. Kitty cats, bumble bees, lady bugs and more rich and dreamy chocolate critters are perfect bulk candy treats for a birthday party or as party favors. Lighten the mood and enjoy some animal-shaped candy today.

More Chocolate Foil Candy

Ruff ruff! What is more fun than a loving and adorable pet? Animals are a great source of joy in our lives so it makes sense that they would work really well with another source of joy in many of our lives, chocolate. Finding the right kid of candy to bring that bit of joy to your party or event is not always easy. That is why we have created a category not just for pet related candy but for chocolate animal candy specifically.

Red ladybugs and yellow bumble bees are fun and colorful additions to any candy buffet table or display. And if you love kitty cats the chocolate cats are purrr-fect. The most colorful of all might be the milk chocolate exotic fish with a rainbow of colors represented on each foil wrapped piece.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)