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Chocolate by Color - Foil Wrapped

Foil wrapped chocolate is great for many reasons, but the top of the list is appearance. You can take which ever design you please and wrap it around a creamy piece of rich chocolate. Here we have listed the different individual colors of foil wrapped chocolates. You will find a rainbow of choices and even more shades of the same color under each category here.

More Chocolate Foil Candy

Decorating your party or event with candy has become more and more popular in recent years. Building a candy buffet table or candy display or even have candy party favors usually comes down to what color you need. People like to match the color of the party so it is very nice to have candy by color. But since that category of candy is so large now a days we this it best to break it down specifically into chocolate by color.

The categories here have lots of different colors like pink and blue and white and green and all the shades of each color. Foil wrapping with a matte finish (on most) look great. They keep the candy fresh and the guests hands clean as well as looking like little chocolate jewels on display. So choose the color of chocolate that suits your needs and enjoy the creamy delicious candy inside.


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