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Chocolate Gems

Chocolate gems are milk chocolate candy pieces with colorful candy shells. They are a good alternative to M&M's by color, as they have a similar shape and size and come in all the most popular colors. Use these chocolate gems in your colorful candy buffet instead of the brand name counterparts and save a few dollars. Available in every color of the rainbow, you can match your party colors.

Similar Chocolate Candy

Chocolate gems candies are gaining popularity with people who build candy buffets because they provide a similar styel candy as M&M's but at sligthly better value. When planing an event on a budget, it helps to get a little bit more candy for your buck. We've seen people buy one bag of M&M's and several bags of these to fill out the rest of their containters. They will put the M&M's on top for the brnad recognition and familiarity, but use the chocolate gems for the volume.

Whether you're price conscious or not, these milk chocolate candies are no slouch. High quality milk chocolate and vibrantly colored candy shells make these a great option for decorating a party or color coordinating party favors.


"These gems were great! They look just like M&M's! Thanks for a speedy delivery. We will use you guys again."

Steph Frederick
(Gary, IN)