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Dallas Candy


"Those truffles you sent me were to die for! And your customer service couldn't be nicer! Can I come work for you? Haha! Thank you so much."

Ruth Gregory
(Seven Springs, IN)
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Dallas Candy

Dallas Texas

Dallas Candy

Everybody knows that if itÍs in Dallas itÍs BIG. That is as true for candy as it is for everything else but in Dallas it getÍs a little confusing. Candy shows that have nothing to do with candy and everything to do with trucks along with the large number of women called Candy in Texas would suggest yÍall wanna be careful when youÍre thinkin bout what kinda Candy youÍre after.

Dallas is an amazing city that combines some of the greatest wealth in America with good old fashioned values and lifestyle. Wanna visit a place you know will welcome you with open arms and unparalleled hospitality, this is the place to go for big hospitality and BIG candy.