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We love to help customers with their questions. Here's a list of some frequently asked questions. Please skim them to see if your question is on here. It will allow our busy customer service reps assist customers with more unique questions and concerns. Thanks!

"Thank you for the beautiful pink candy! It was perfect for my daughter's baby shower. Great customer service! I will buy from you always!"

Ann Fuller
(Richmond, VA)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept bulk candy orders from individuals? Or only businesses and wedding planners ?

We offer bulk candy to any person in need of sugary candy goodness. No need to be a wedding planner or large company, though we do a lot of business with them too. If you see something you like, please feel free to buy it! Just because we carry lots and lots of bulk candy, doesn't mean it's only for businesses. We are here to serve all your candy needs. If you just wanna make smores with your kids and need some chocolate bars, we've got what you need. On the other hand, if you are planning your daughter's nuptuals and need bulk wedding candy, we can help you with that too!

If you can't find what you're looking for here, e-mail us at customerservice@acandystore.com and we'll see what we can do. We have relationships with all major candy companies and can usually find what you're looking for. Our checkout process is at the cutting edge of information security, and we ship though UPS. So packages are delivered nationwide through a world renowned handler. Be careful with shipping on meltable orders during the warm weather months. We include ice packs, but would hate for your chocolates to melt on your hot front porch if no one is home to receive them! Check out the question below about meltable orders.

Oops, I need to change the shipping address on my order!

No problem. UPS makes this really easy for you now with their MyChoice program. Sign up with UPS at the link below and you can not only tell them to change the delivery address, but you can tell them when to deliver it and give them special instructions for delivery. Like: "Please leave the package with the building manager" or "Please leave the package in the shade under the porch." It's a great service by our fantastic shipping partner, UPS.

Creating a UPS My Choice account is the only way to ensure that your new shipping address is received by UPS in time. Please do not contact ACandyStore.com customer service with an address change request, as we do not have the authority to change the address of a packaged addressed to you.

Link: UPS MyChoice Account Features & Sign Up

How long will it take for my candy to get to me?

We estimate 48 hours for processing all orders. That means getting all the elements of your order together and packing them. That can take longer during busy holiday candy times, but not too much longer. Then, we hand it off to our shipping partner UPS. We are in Los Angeles, so the closer you are to us, the sooner your bulk candy will get to you. UPS Ground orders to San Diego, normally arrive the day after we ship them. The same order to Maine would take 5 business days. UPS Ground shipping is also the method we use for Flat Rate Shipping. So if you choose to take advantage of our great low flat rates, or if you prefer to choose the variable UPS Ground rate, delivery of your package is estimated at 5 business days or less once it is shipped.

If you choose UPS Next Day Air or UPS Second Day Air shipping it won't take long at all. Once we have had time to process the order, your candy will arrive either the next business day or in two business days, respectively. We recommend using these expedited shipping methods in warm weather months to avoid melting of chocolates and some gummi candies. We do include free ice packs in meltable orders. (See below for more info).

I can't wait 5-7 business days! I need my lollipops sooner! Is that possible?

Ha ha, definitely! Choose "Next Day Air" or "2nd Day Air" when selecting your shipping method on our one-page checkout. UPS delivers Next Day Air orders in 1 business day and Second Day Air orders in 2 business days. It's a little more expensive, but much faster! We also prioritize these orders in our processing department. We usually need about one day minimum to process and pack an order. So add that to the UPS time and you've got 2 to 4 business days. So hang in there, your lollipops will be there soon!

Tom & Ryan, you don't understand. I need them NOW!

Ok, call us and we'll see what we can do. We know all about candy withdrawals...no fun! We will work with you to get the candy to you as soon as possible.

I'm in Los Angeles too. Can I pick the candy up from ACandyStore myself?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer customer pick-up. But if you are in Los Angeles, it should take UPS no time at all to ship your order. Figure three full business days after ordering at the most.

How fresh will my candy be?

Very fresh. Fresh candy is our priority. We get bulk candy delivered straight from the factory floor. Merely days after it is made, we are already shipping it out to our lovely customers!

Our inventory process is streamlined to ensure freshness so that we rarely overstock items. This means candy won't sit around on our shelves. Please be aware that temperature changes can temporarily cause some candies to become a little harder (in cold weather) or a little softer (in warm weather). In most cases, if you let the candy adjust back to room temperature, it will revert back to is intended yummy consistency. Enjoy your fresh bulk candy!

How long will it stay fresh if I plan to use it over time?

Most candy types keep for a long time if you take proper care to store it well. First, check for an expiration date, if your candy has one, then you've got a clear answer. If there is no expiration date, or you haven't bought the candy yet, here are a few guidelines to help your candy stay fresh for as long as possible:

  • Seal it well. Make sure no air can get into or out of the container you use, whether it be a plastic bag or some sort of container. Do not use a paper bag.

  • Keep it cool and dry. Store the candy in a place where the temperature is relatively steady and keeps cool. Some examples include, a closet or basement area.

  • Keep away from potential pests. That doesn't mean your husband! :) Make sure the ants or your pets don't sniff it out and invade your candy stash.

  • Beware of chocolate and nuts. Candy containing either of these will not stay fresh for as long as other types of candy. Nuts especially can be dangerous once they have gone bad.

If you follow these guidelines, your non-chocolate and non-nuts candy should last quite a while, up to, or even possibly over, a year. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these are merely guidelines and that you are responsible for the safe keeping and best judgement about whether candy kept over extended periods is safe to eat.

How do you keep meltable candy from going soft in hot weather?

No one likes melted candy. To keep chocolates and other meltable candies from melting during hot weather months, it is highly recommended that you use expedited shipping methods.

Although we do include ice packs and extra packing for insulation in expedited orders, we have found that with Ground Shipping ice packs often melt long before the package arrives, thus negating their usefulness. Cold packs will not last more than 2 or 3 days when it's hot outside. We will include cold packs in orders with the following conditions only: Next Day Air, Second Day Air, and Ground shipping to a city within 5 hours drive of Los Angeles, California. Otherwise, they will not last the duration of the trip.

Also, we may only ship meltable orders Monday through Wednesday if we observe it to be appropriate. That way, with UPS Next Day or Second Day Air shipping it should be delivered by the end of the week, and avoid sitting in a UPS warehouse all weekend. If we're shipping to a residence, it is also helpful if someone is home to receive the package. Not many people have air-conditioned front porches! And UPS will not take our direction to leave your package in a specific place.

Please keep in mind that we will not be held responsible for any melted candy items, regardless of circumstances. So please spend the extra dollars to ensure your candy arrives in the good and yummy condition you need.

How do you verify the kosher status of your kosher candy?

We realize the importance of keeping kosher and strive to bring you the most up to date information on each kosher candy item. We have researched every item in our kosher candy categories to try and bring you the correct Kosher mark for our candies. However, as manufacturers do occasionally change their processes, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our kosher candy's status. We will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies of this nature on our site. If you are unsure of the kosher status of an item, please contact the manufacturer.

If I place my order now, can you hold it for me and ship it later?

Unfortunately not. Our shipped system is streamlined to have orders shipped and delivered as soon as possible. It may even ship the same day! (But not always). We need to keep the orders flowing so we don't slow down our system and our customers can get their candy as soon as possible.

What if I ordered something that is out of stock or discontinued?

Although we try to fulfill all orders completely, we carry over 1500 products which inevitably go in and out of stock from time to time. If your order contains an item that is out of stock, we will ship the remainder of your order, contact you to let you know, credit your account the difference and adjust the shipping rate accordingly. We are not able to keep back orders of out-of-stock items so you will need to try and order again at a later date.

How much does shipping cost?

With us, $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping on all Ground orders within the Continental US.

If you're wondering about UPS Next Day or 2nd Day shipping, you can use the shipping calculator on our site. Simply add all the items you wish to purchase to your cart, click "View Cart" from any page, and enter a zip code. Your shipping amount will be added right there to your total, so you can see how much it will cost. You do not have to enter your credit card number before seeing your shipping cost.

UPS determines shipping rates based on your distance from us, the weight of the package, and the shipping method you choose. If you choose a faster shipping method, it costs more. 2nd Day Air is normally about double the cost of Ground, and Next Day Air is a little less than double 2nd Day. We're in Los Angeles, so it costs a lot more to send 300lbs. to Maine than 3lbs. to San Diego! When in doubt, choose out $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping!

Why does shipping cost so much?

With our $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping, it doesn't!

If you need to use a different shipping method, it may be a little pricey. Candy can be very heavy and bulky. Although our prices on bulk candy are very low, UPS doesn't take price into consideration for their shipping costs. Bigger, heavier items take up more space and add more weight to their trucks and planes, and that costs money. Fuel prices are rising, yes. But the fact is that candy is just a heavy item. But it tastes so good!

Is ordering from ACandyStore.com safe and secure?

You bet. We wouldn't be in business long if it wasn't. ACandyStore.com is a Yahoo! Store. When you place an order, any information submitted is securely encrypted and stored on Yahoo!'s top-level security servers, not ours. On top of that, they erase all billing information after a month to make it impossible for any problems to occur. Neither ACandyStore.com nor Yahoo will ever sell or share any of your information with any third parties. We are a safe and secure online retailer. So, go ahead and order all the salt water taffy you can eat!

I hate spam! Do I have to give you my email address?

We hate spam too! Rest assured we will never sell your email address to a third party. We will only use your email address if we need to contact you regarding a specific order. Only if you sign up for our newsletter will we update you on related promotions for ACandyStore.com that we think you might be interested in. We won't spam you if you won't spam us, deal? :)

I hate telemarketers too! Do I have to give you my phone number?

Telemarketers are evil. We do not share your information with anyone...much less despicable evil-doers like telemarketers! We need your phone number in case we need to contact you about your order. For example, if something you ordered is out of stock or there is a problem with payment. We always try your email first, but if that doesn't work, we'll call. Feel free to screen, we'll leave a message.

What if I want to buy something in a smaller quantity than what ACandyStore lists?

What, you're not in the mood to down all ten pounds of Jelly Belly's by yourself?! Haha. We hear ya. Unfortunately, we are an online bulk candy store. We sell in bulk to keep our prices low for you. We sell them in the same packaging we get from the manufacturer. Why don't you just have a friend over and just eat five pounds each!

The package I received from ACandyStore isn't exactly what I ordered.

Well, double check your order confirmation email first. If it doesn't match the shipment and is our mistake, we will gladly work with you to get you the bulk candy you need. To return the shipment, check our contacts page for our address and let us know via email at customerservice@acandystore.com or a phone call to expect a package from you. Once we receive it, we will ship out your corrected order.

I noticed that you have a "coupon code" area on your order form. How do I get a coupon?

Sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of this page or ask us about bulk discount deals. We have specials and featured items on our home page, but often do other promotions that offer big savings! Only customers on The ACandyStore Newsletter list will receive these coupons, so sign up today! Your first coupon code will be emailed to you immediately! Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive social media discounts!

Will I be Charged for taxes on my order?

No! NO TAXES! Woo Hoo!

As of now, there are no taxes on food items like candy when you purchase online. SO enjoy your candy, and don't worry about the man bringing you down. :)

Where do you get all the great information about your products?

Most of our information comes directly from the candy manufacturer. It is important that any information about the quantity or ingredients of a product, come from the people that make it.

Also, we gather information about the company from various sources. We feel it's healthy to have a balanced perspective of a company instead of just taking their word for it. Some historical and trivia information is taken from candy researchers in books and online. We sometimes employ information from Wikipedia as well. Shopping comparison sites and candy blogs are good places to get relative quality ratings too. If you have any questions about the information we have posted, please feel free to ask!

We hope this list has answered your question. Please feel free to contact us with any further inquiries about wedding candy, bar mitzvah candy, jawbreakers, licorice candy, mints, or anything related to candy.

If you have any other questions, send us an email: customerservice@acandystore.com. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, and maybe post your question here as well!