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Flipsticks Candy

Flipsticks are a fun and unique candy stick made of caramel nougat taffy. These one of a kind candies are chaped a little like candy cigars and come in several colors like, blue, pink, purple, yellow and red. Try some of these fun Flipsticks candies today.

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Flipsticks candy are fun and delicious candy treats for all occasions. Choose your favorite flavor like cherry, banana, strawberry, grape and blue raspberry. Flipsticks are popular for kids because they are individually wrapped and fun to pretend with. Whether the girls use them as lipstck or the boys use them as candy cigars, everyone has fun eating adn playing with flip sticks candy.


"The flip sticks were great at our bar mitzvah. All the kids loved them. They were shipped well and arrived quickly. Thank you."

Debbie Clearfield
(Macon, GA, MA)