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Gold Jelly Beans

Gold jelly beans are like little pieces of treasure. Whether you followed the rainbow to its end or not, these bulk gold jelly beans look great for parties and events with either gold colored themes or themes having to do with pirates. Either way the bulk gold jelly beans are fantastic.

More Jelly Beans

Gold is the color of wealth and opulence. It's also the color of achievement. When you win an Olympic event, they ought to give you a bowl of wholesale gold jelly beans for your trophy case. They could choose from flavors like Top Banana, buttered popcorn and caramel corn. Lemon yellow could also be used as it looks pretty close even if it is not true gold. Wholesale gold jelly beans are available now.


"Golden classics! We had the gold banana jelly beans and everyone loved them. They look like little gold nuggets! Order arrived fast. Thank you."

Mona Wright
(Minneapolis, MN)