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Grape Candy

Grape flavored bulk candy is sweet and juicy and will make your party bright! Purple is the color of royalty! And these little berry-like fruits are as divine as can be. Not only do they bring us marvelous products like wine (which tastes great and helps keep you young!), they are also a fundamental candy flavor found in nearly all fruit flavored candy assortments.

These lovely fruits truly do hold the world together! ...just like duct tape. :)

"Thank you for the beautiful pink candy! It was perfect for my daughter's baby shower. Great customer service! I will buy from you always!"

Ann Fuller
(Richmond, VA)
Grape Candy

Fun Facts

Grapes, which are actually berries, are a versatile fruit that can be used to make juices, jams, jelly, wine, vinegar, raisins, and much more. We like them best when just eating them raw...or in delicious confectionary items. ;)

They were first domesticated back before the Ancient Greeks in the area that is now the southern part of Turkey. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics even depict the cultivation of this amazing fruit. It didn't take long for the original growers to realize that yeast occurs naturally in the skins. Yeast means alcohol, and that means wine! It didn't take long for grapes to spread through Europe and eventually on to the Americas.

Ranging in color from pink, yellow and green to dark blue, red and black, these little berries grow in clusters of about 5 to over 300. The white ones are actually green in color and are a mutation of the original red version.

Seedless grapes have now become predominant as table fruit, as consumers prefer them. However, the convenience of eating the seedless version is slightly offset by the loss of the health benefits that come from the nutritious seed.

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