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Green Jelly Beans

Green jelly beans offer many flavors and colors to choose from. If you are building a green candy buffet, you are in the right place. The color of life (and also money) is abundant with these bulk green jelly beans.

More Jelly Beans

Green is one of the most popular colors of jelly beans. No wonder there are so many flavors available in this color! Classic green apple is a regular tone, while lime green is a little lighter with some yelllow accents. Watermelon is dark green and there are many more flavors like 7-Up, Kiwi, Juicy Pear, Margarita, lemon lime and Jalepeno from Jelly Belly. So go ahead and chose your favorite shade of wholesale green jelly beans in bulk.


"We had a green theme for our wedding and the candy buffet was gorgeous. Everyone loved the jelly beans and gummies."

Joyce McCain
(Reno, NV)