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Green Salt Water Taffy

Green is one of the most popular colors for candy and there are some great options for green salt water taffy. Key lime is a great choice with its true green color and white swirl on the side of every piece. Green apple is also a solid selection since it has a darker shade of stripes in the side of each piece. Whichever one you choose you will love the great gourmet taste.

Barbie's Wedding Candy

More Taffy by Color

Searching around the internet for the right kind of bulk candy is not easy. There are so many different types and flavors it can be difficult to narrow down all the choices. If you already know the color candy you need you have a head start. That is why we created this page. It is here for people who are not only looking for taffy but just want to see all the options specifically for green salt water taffy.

When building a candy buffet with green candy you might want to mix in some other colors as well. Taffy is great for mixing colors since there is such a large variety of colors to choose from. One great option for mixing is always white. The color white goes with any other color and really makes the display pop. Other great options include pink or brown which work really well for bridal showers and wedding receptions.


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