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Gummi Chocolate & Vanilla Bears - 5lb

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Sorry, this item has been discontinued. :(

Chocolate and vanilla bears happily co-exist in the world of Gummi! Not all bears are fruity rainbow colored goodness. These bears are a more opaque white and brown creamy dreamy gummi wonder. The creamy gummy sensation will surprise you. They are great for kids who love chocolate and parents who love clean hands...they don't melt like actual chocolate does. They are great for weddings as they offer a slightly classier presentation than their transparent brightly colored brothers. Really these bears are great for any occasion or just for the candy jar at home. Why not try a new type of gummi bear today? more info

Gummi Chocolate & Vanilla Bears: 5lbs
Gummi Chocolate & Vanilla Bears: 5lbs

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Gummi Chocolate and Vanilla Bears.

5lb. Bulk. Unwrapped.

Price per pound = $


SKU: acsc102160

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