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Gummi Hot Dogs - 60ct

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Gummi Hot Dogs are a classic American sweat treat for many, and a quirky fun treat for all. These gummi flavored hotdogs are perfect for Memorial Day, Labor Day, The 4th of July and America’s favorite pastime Baseball! Though attempting to grill these Hot Dogs is not recommended, they look awesome as a centerpiece on a snack table. Gummi Hot Dogs can also be used in classrooms to simulate a camping activity, math problems, or even a history lesson; the kids will be singing a new song once they get ahold of these sweet treats. Gummi Hot Dogs look like real hot dogs complete with gummi ketchup, gummi mustard, and gummi relish on a tasty gummi bun. For the nostalgic; these Dogs come individually wrapped making grab and go snacking a tasty trip down memory lane. Gummi Hot Dogs come in a classic display box with 60 dogs per box. more info

Gummi Hot Dogs - 60ct
Gummi Hot Dogs - 60ct

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