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Haribo Gummi Centipedes - 5lb

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Haribo Gummi Centipedes bring a gruesome twist to the classic worm. Their fruity flavor and sweet gummy texture make you think you are eating a worm, but then you feel the legs and the experience becomes a delicious test of endurance. The centipedes are multicolored and perfect for Halloween deserts. They bring the creepy back to eating worms and are a playground favorite especially amongst growing boys. Bring the fun into the classroom and use Gummi Centipedes for science and math projects. Haribo Gummi Centipedes can bring new twists to typical mud pudding and create a sense of fun and games as friends dare each other to try just one. These crawly gummies are also perfect for snacking on the go. They are low in fat, easy to eat making them great for kids travel kits as well. Haribo Gummi Centipedes come in 5lb bulk bags creating a delicious infestation. more info

Haribo Gummi Centipedes - 5lb
Haribo Gummi Centipedes - 5lb

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5lb bulk gummy centipede insect candy. Haribo.

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SKU: acsc102912

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