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Jelly Beans by Color

Jelly beans come in all colors and flavors, the trouble is they are usually all mixed together. These bulk jelly beans are individually colored so you can choose which color you like the best and only have those. Shop these jelly beans by color to get only what you want.

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For candy buffet tables and parties, it's fun to have color coordinated candy. Baby showers need pink or blue jelly beans, white jelly beans are popular for weddings. Whatever event you're planning can only look more fun and professionally planned with matching jelly beans to accentuate the decor. Mixing the colors can look great too. Mix orange and black for a Halloween jelly bean mix, or red and green jelly beans for Christmas. People love jelly beans because they look pretty and taste great. Plan your jelly bean strategy wisely by choosing the right colors of these wholesale candies for your party.


"Wow! Our baby shower looked amazing with the pink jelly beans Everybody loved the candy buffet."

Bethany Rodriguez
(Raleigh, NC)
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