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Kits Taffy

Kits taffy is old-fashioned candy at it's finest. Small packs of chewy taffy candy are great for school kids and grown ups alike. Bulk taffy flavors include chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, and banana. Great tasting chocolate taffy is hard to come by. Kits chocolate taffy has got it figured out!

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Rich and sweet, these chewy little chocolate candy morsels are what bulk taffy should be. If you've never tried Kits, you're in for a huge treat! Classic taffy candies come in a rectangular packages with 4 pieces in each. They used to cost a nickel at the corner store way back when. The price is still low for the amazing nostalgic candy flavors in these little bite-sized gems.


"We buy a lot of candy, especially Kits taffy, and your company has been great. Always very punctual and easy to work with."

Jim Darbin
(Phoenix, AZ)