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Laffy Taffy Candy

Laffy Taffy bars and ropes are classic candy favorites. Flavors like banana, sour apple, cherry and grape are available at great wholesale prices. Bite-sized pieces are fun for parties and events. Don't forget about the jokes on each wrapper. Buy some bulk Laffy Taffy candy today.

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Laffy Taffy came out as a brand name in the 1970s and was a big hit. Square-shaped pieces of fruit flavored taffy candy were popular with kids because they had jokes written on the inside of each wrapper. The jokes are submitted by children, for the most part, who are credited on the wrapper. The shape has evolved over the years and now the small bite-sized pieces are rectangular instead of square.

Laffy Taffy is sold under the Willy Wonka brand name which was created to compliment the book and film of the same name. It wasn't until the 2000s that they came out with the long Laffy Taffy Ropes that have become very popular in a short period of time. Laffy Taffy bars have been out a bit longer and have also enjoyed success, moving the Laffy Taffy range of products into a better position for all candy lovers.


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