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Marshmallow Candy

Marshmallows are popular not only for their versatility in recipes like smores, but for their lovely soft and fluffy texture. Here you will find bulk marshmallow candy in all colors as well as marshamallows covered with chocolate and caramel.

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Marshmallow actually originated from Ancient Egypt! It was made from honey and a plant called a Marsh-Mallow was used to thicken it and add flavor. Marshmallow candy now comes in all kinds of great forms now. There are marshmallow candy bars like Rocky Road Bars, Mallow Cups and Idaho Spud Bars. You can get bulk marshmallows by color too. The come in pink, blue, green, yellow and purple marshmallows. Thye looks great for decorating a candy buffet or for making the most colorful smores you have ever seen. Some gummy candy also has marshmallow caoting on the bottom, it is what gived the Gummi killer Sharks their white underbelly. So enjoy some ancient marshmallow candy at wholesale prices in the modern internet world.


"We love the chocolate covered marshmallows. They always arrive fast, and we are always ready to devour them. Thank you."

Jenny Mitchell
(Boulder, CO)
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Marshmallow Candy