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Classic M&M's bulk at great discount prices is perfect for vending machines, candy buffet bars and wedding candy. We have M&M's in individual colors across the rainbow, and the original classic milk chocolate and peanut M&M's too. Pick up some fresh and delicious M&M's today.

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M&M's candy was first brought into the world in 1941 in the US and have since become a global candy sensation. Bite-size chocolate candies with a colored candy shell turned out to have just the right size, taste, and freshness to make a big splash. As popular as they are, not many people know what the name M&M's stands for. Spoiler alert! The founders of the company that invented this classic candy were Messrs. Mars & Murrie. It's their combined initials. They started selling little bags of these new candies all over the US and soon many people started to buy bulk M&M's.

The color scheme for M&Ms has changed over the years. Blue is a relatively new color for M&M's in bulk. Not too long ago there was a light brown color in the mix, along with the still-used dark brown candies. Back in 1941, they never could have anticipated that they would sell candy via computers over something called the internet. But so it is that now you can buy bulk M&M's right from your home and have them delivered quickly and fresh to your door.


"The candy arrived very quickly and was as fresh as can be. They looked great at the reception. Thank you A Candy Store."

Ruth Gregory
(Seven Springs, IN)
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