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Necco Junior Wafers - 5lb

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These classic candies have been around since the dawn of time! Well, maybe not the dawn of time, but 1847 sure seems like a long time ago to us. Born with the invention of the first American candy machine, the lozenge cutter, these powdery Necco Junior Wafers have been satisfying taste buds for decades. They were distributed to American soldiers during WWII as well as to Eskimo children by famed arctic explorer, Donald MacMillan. Who knew you were biting into such a big piece of history with every, delicate nibble. Wrapped in wax paper in delightfully sized portions, enjoy these colorful, famous candies that have stood the test of time. more info

Necco Junior Wafers - 5lb
Necco Junior Wafers - 5lb

Customer Reviews

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these are the perfect size for a snack

They last a long time. I received them in a timely manner. I wish I could find them in the store here in this size.

the taste & the smallness
That I have to order them online & pay postage to get them.
5/5 Stars
Tampa FL
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

Approximately 32 rolls per pound

5lb bulk individually wrapped hard candy wafer rolls. Necco.

Price per pound = $

SKU: acsc105254

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