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New York Candy


"Those truffles you sent me were to die for! And your customer service couldn't be nicer! Can I come work for you? Haha! Thank you so much."

Ruth Gregory
(Seven Springs, IN)
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New York Candy

New York City

New York Candy

Gummi apples, sour apples and green apple jelly bellies in the Big Apple. New York is the city that never sleeps and never disappoints. No matter your culinary desire, entertainment wish or dream come true, New York is the place of anythingęs possible.

F.A Schwartz and the candy options of New York make it as much a wonderland for children as it is for adults. Broadway, 5th Avenue, 42nd street, whichever legendary aspect of New Yorkęs magic appeals, it goes without saying there is something that will please everyone.

Even Willy Wonkaęs chocolate factory canęt compete with a dance on the giant keyboard, a taste of street vendor candy apple or the amazing vibrancy of the city that is alive at 2pm or 4am.