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Candy Sticks by Color

Stick candy in every color are perfect for matching the theme of your party or event. Old-fashioned candy sticks come in a large variety of different colors and flavors so why not pick the perfect color for your needs and buy it in bulk. Choose from the rainbow of colors listed here.

More Candy Sticks

When decorating for a party or event it has become popular for planners to incorporate a candy buffet display table to wow the guests with a glamorous offering of colorful and great tasting goodies. To create the perfect display, you might want to consider color coordinating your sweets with your theme. Hard candy sticks are perfect for this because they not only come in every color under the sun but they also have an old-fashioned appeal that guests will connect with and associate to the good times of their youth.

The shape of these lovely wholesale candy sticks also offers a great benefit to your mix of colorful candies. You will want to have variety in your candy buffet and that means size and shape too. Gilliam stick candy provides a change of pace for what is normally bunch of small individually wrapped pieces of candy. OF course you may not be using them for a display at all. In which case get your favorite color and set them on your desk at work or in the kitchen at home. They look great anywhere and taste amazing always.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)