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Purple Candy Sticks

Purple old-fashioned candy sticks look great at parties and events and taste great. Individually wrapped hard candy sticks are an old school classic treat. It used to be you could only get them in the corner candy store in small towns across America. Not anymore. Now you can get all the bulk stick candy you need right here.

More Candy Sticks Colors

Purple candy sticks do not currently come in a wide range of flavor options. You basically just have Grape and Huckleberry, and Huckleberry has gone in and out of production so much it is hard to know if it will every come back into our inventory. So that leaves you with Grape, but it is a strong choice. Purple and white stripes swirls down the side of these lovely wholesale candy sticks from Gilliam. Most stick candy we carry is from that famous confectioner.

Unlike picking up a couple sticks from the local store, shipping these fragile items means there is always a possibility of some breakage occurring. We always do our best to pack them very carefully though and we have repeat customers buying them up in droves, so do not let that stand in the way of your beautiful purple candy party.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)