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Oops a-Daisy Pooping Cow Candy Dispenser - 6ct

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Cute toy cow poops out yummy brown jelly beans for the tastiest bowel movement any bovine ever had! Re-fill Daisy with beans when she's finished, push down on her big cow booty and help her flush it out all again! Ah, the circle of life! Perfect functional Easter decoration! more info

Oops a-Daisy Pooping Cow Candy Dispenser: 6ct
Oops a-Daisy Pooping Cow Candy Dispenser: 6ct

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Poop pa loosa!

Frist off, funniest thing I have seen! Co worker got this for me because of my name, and because I always have 2 andy dishes of my desk. Two guys of the gus thought it was sooo funny took I Phone videos to post on facebook and send to their friends!!

That it POOPS !!
Where do I get refills of poo???
5/5 Stars
Albany, Oregon
I would recommend this item to a friend.