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Orange Salt Water Taffy

There are a lot of options if you are looking for orange colored taffy. Because salt water taffy is often associated with summer time, the sweet and refreshing taste of oranges along with the brightness the color brings make flavors like orange and mango very popular. Brighten up your party or event with any of the wonderful choices here.

Barbie's Wedding Candy

More Taffy by Color

There are a lot of options in this color for taffy but its not easy to quickly find them all on the main page for this category. So that is why we created a page not for a particular flavor but for the color orange salt water taffy. You may know that orange is a color you want to use for your party favors or candy display table but you are not sure what all your options are for bulk taffy under that color. Here you can see all the choices under one roof.

Of course there is the standard orange flavored taffy but there is also Mango which is a very popular flavor and tangerine which has a great look with a white center dot on the side of each piece. This color taffy goes well with almost any other color too. Feel free to mix with white and yellow with no problem for a cheerful sunny look. Or you could mix with blue or green if the color scheme calls for it. Remember that because candy is fun and reminds people of their childhood it doesn't always have to match perfectly. A little color never hurts!


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