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Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc

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Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc more info

Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc
Peeps Strawberry Cream Hearts 9pc

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I was never a huge peeps fan. i always prefered my marshmellows on my cocoa but these strawberry and cream heart Peeps are amazing. Im totally addicted, In jan and feb i try to stock up on them so i have plenty to last me till the following Valentines day. Yhis yr unfortunately i was stuck in the hospital all of jan and most of feb so i was unable to restock. I have looked everywhere and had no luck finding them after valentines day anywhere. I wish they made them all year long

great texture and flavor
they only sell them for valentines day

i can eat a whole package in one sitting
4/5 Stars
Memphis TN
I would recommend this item to a friend.