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Pink Salt Water Taffy

Pink is one of the most popular colors of salt water taffy. Commonly used as part of a candy buffet table or display at an event, bulk pink taffy is great for baby showers, wedding receptions, breast cancer awareness and any number of social gatherings where candy will not only be a good treat, but help enhance the atmosphere as well.

Barbie's Wedding Candy

More Taffy by Color

Finding the right candy for a party or event is not easy sometimes. It helps to have a starting place. The easiest place to start is the color theme of the party. Instead of trying to sort though thousands of different products on a website, you can start by narrowing your search down to the color you want. So if you are looking for taffy and your know your party includes the color pink you can come straight to this page and find all the online bulk pink salt water taffy you need.

Strawberry is the most popular of the pink family of taffy. It has a classic solid color with subtle stripes on the side and goes well with other solid colors like white and green. Cherry comes in a close second place probably because it is very similar to the strawberry shade of pink only a little bit lighter. If you are looking to mix up the colors a little bit Strawberry Banana splashes some yellow color in there. Whatever flavor you choose its easy to see all your options for pink taffy on one page.


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