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Purple Salt Water Taffy

Purple is a very popular color among salt water taffy lovers. Grape is the flavor of choice for most of them as it has a classic appearance with a solid color and darker stripes on the side. Huckleberry is another great option with the darker purple surrounding a lavender center on the side of each piece.

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More Taffy by Color

Finding the right bulk candy for a party or event can be difficult. There are so many choices out there where do you begin. One place to start is the with color theme of your party. Maybe you were already thinking it could be fun to have some taffy but now that you have decided that purple is a color theme you can come to this page that was created specifically for purple salt water taffy.

The choices here are not overwhelming anymore. There are only a few options but they are all very solid and popular in the overall world of taffy regardless of color. Grape is one of the most classic and well loved flavors out there while Huckleberry is catching on as a strong contender with its lavender center dot on the side of each piece. Mixing colors might be a good idea since purple is a relatively dark color. You can lighten it up by adding some white taffy or other white colored candy. Silver is another great option to break it up a bit. Any way you go purple taffy is a big hit no matter which flavor you choose. They are all gourmet!


"Great taffy, great prices. We will keep coming back for more."

Tara Klein
(Minneapolis, MN, OH)