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Purple & White Striped Candy Balls - 5lb Large

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For the hard candy consignor or just a lover of grape these Purple and White Striped Candy balls create an exciting flavor burst the second it enters your mouth. Infused with Grape and an entire inch in diameter these candies make the perfect additions to any soiree and wedding. Candy Balls work well for holidays such as Easter and Motherís Day. They make a great gift, alone or part of something more, and bring class to the sweet candy world. For businesses; place Purple and White Striped Candy Balls in a yellow, or sage colored glass bowl at reception. The intense fruity grape flavor paired with the sweet decadence of hard candy will be a great thank you to customers and keep them coming back for more. Purple and White Striped Candy Balls come in 5lb bulk bags averaging 50 pieces per pound for about 250 pieces per 5lb bag. more info

Large Purple Striped Balls - 5lb
Large Purple Striped Balls - 5lbLarge Purple Striped Balls - 5lb

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Product Info

Diameter: 1 Inch
Net Weight: 10 Grams

Approximately 50 pieces per pound



5lb bulk purple striped balls large. Yum Junkie.

Price per pound = $

SKU: ACSC112450

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