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Red Milk Chocolate Stars - 5lb

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If making a wish on a star is a good thing, imagine what is going to happen when you make a wish on a special Red Milk Chocolate Star! These chocolate treats are star shaped extravagance that is packaged up in a beautiful red foiled wrapper. Many people eat these special treats at Independence Day and not only help celebrate the birthday of a nation. They can help to mark the celebration of anyone’s birthday in the most delicious way. The five points of the stars are going to bring a remarkable feeling of joy as each point of the star leads to a treasure of chocolaty goodness. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are holidays that naturally lead to using these Red Milk Chocolate Stars to add some extra zip to each holiday. Hand these chocolate treats to your friends and everyone will want to be your valentine. Five pounds of these chocolates are going to be enough to make a small party of people feel the happiness this candy treat can bring. more info

Red Milk Chocolate Stars - 5lb
Red Milk Chocolate Stars - 5lb

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Product Info

Dimensions for each star: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1-inches

Approximately 45 stars per pound

5lb Foil Wrapped Bulk. Madelaine Chocolate Novelties.

Price per pound = $

SKU: acsc109505

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