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Salt Water Taffy by Color

Salt water taffy comes in many amazing flavors and colors and sometimes the best way to choose the flavor you want is to narrow your selection by the color taffy you need. There are many colors to choose from including white, green, red and purple. Click on the color taffy you need and see all the flavors underneath.

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More Taffy

With the overwhelming variety of taffy available online it is hard to choose which flavor is right for your needs sometimes. Every site lists the different flavors but that alone does not always help. That is why we felt it would be beneficial to have a category that lists salt water taffy by color. That way you can narrow down your choices without having to dig through many many pages.

White taffy like vanilla is very popular because it goes well with all other colors. You can build a candy buffet table with any color candy you want and adding some white colored taffy will always be complimentary. Pink and green are popular colors as well as purple and blue though not always together. When mixing colors of taffy keep in mind that the flavors do not always need to compliment each other (that is part of the fun of candy) but the colors should.


"I got my bulk candy really fast and it was fresh and tasty. I will be coming back for more."

Everet Hendrix
(Mobile, AL)